Monday, September 24, 2012

butterfly castles

the butterfly castles
were the king's 
before he abandoned the throne,
left Laervia, went mad, and died 
no one could blame him,
he would have gone mad either way
that was before before they came
before all of us died
before I lost my heart 
all they want is our hearts
our very souls
the essence,
some say
but they took the bodies for dessert
only I survived
living in the ruins of what used to be life
what is in my future is no longer a secret
my destiny is revealed
how could no one notice when so much of me was missing?
but there is no one here to know-
so I went ahead and lived what was left of life
which is like drinking from a shattered glass
thousands of butterfly castles
gone to waste
for they will come for 

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