Sunday, January 25, 2015

seven truths

truth is hard to tell
and commitment is hard to see,
but once you find yourself,
you’ll be who you want to be.

life is hard to live,
and time is hard to stop.
but once you’ve found the edge,
you know how to avoid the drop.

death is hard to know
and grief is even harder,
but if you know the way,
you’ll spend your life smarter.

forgiveness is to beg
and cruelty is a chain,
but if you don’t forget,
a grudge will leave a stain.

compassion isn’t easy
and anger isn’t hard
but if you can’t choose between them
it will leave you scarred.

it’s rather easy to think it harsh
the lives that we all live
but if you can’t see the blessings
then life has nothing to give.

you might be frightened
by how far you have to drop
but if you don’t sink to the bottom,

you’ll never rise to the top.